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You're the strength of the pack

A new but Innovating Soccer Club in Massachusetts whose style of play is modeled after the English Premier League

ABOUT Wolves United

Wolves United Soccer Club is a new but innovative soccer club that is dedicated to its players’ development and improvement not just technically but tactically as well. We have a professional and dedicated coaching staff who create a very professional, demanding, yet fair and encouraging practice environment where players can express their thoughts and demonstrate their current soccer skill level. This allows players to enjoy the game of soccer at a higher level while performing to their fullest potential and forming a team camaraderie. 

Wolves United SC is much more than just another soccer club, it is a soccer club where young players’ dreams start to shape up to become reality!

Playing Soccer

Our Programs


Regional Program

Our Regional program is designed for players that want to be challenged as soccer players and take their soccer skills to the next level. Therefore, the main focus at our regional program is player development. Here players can hone their existing soccer skills while learning new skills. Furthermore, players are introduced to and educated on the tactical aspect of the game.

Our regional program coaches work very hard to prepare and develop our players as much as possible so they have a shot at joining our EDP program.

This program will play at the local level and is available for players U9 - U18, boys & girls. Additonally, our regional program will be playing in a futsal league over the winter.

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Our Elite Development Program (EDP) is specially designed for players that have more advanced skills & better understanding of the game thus requiring a more demanding training and playing environment. Players participating in this program will be challenged technically, physically, and mentally. They will become true students of the game by reviewing previous games and having discussions about tactics with their coach; this will not only improve players’ soccer IQ but it will help them prepare their game-plan for their next match. This program will play at the local, regional, and/or national level and is available for players U11 – U18, boys & girls.

Elite Development Program 

Junior Academy

This is our introductory Wolves Soccer academy. This program is perfect for the youngest players, U8, U7, U6, & U5 with little or no soccer experience but want to start gaining soccer experience at their young age. There’s no league of play for these age groups. They’ll either participate in the New England Club Soccer League (NECSL) jamborees -  whenever they are offered. Or internally arranged jamborees in the event NECSL does not offer any jamborees.

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Our Programs

Other Programs

  • Private sessions (1:1) - the focus is to improve individual technical skills;

  • Soccer clinics (up to 8 players per session) - The focus is to improve the understanding of the game in a smaller group setting;

  • Winter Futsal League - we believe soccer should be enjoyed even in the winter.

All the above programs are available to Wolves United players as well as to players from other organizations.



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